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Baric (Consultants) Ltd is a small, specialised, consultancy company offering bespoke solutions to a range of explosive ordnance-related issues. The company is entirely independent and accepts work only if there is no conflict of interest that might impair this independence.

It has extensive experience in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), the clearance of landmines and related environmental remediation. For the 25 years since its creation the company has been recognised for its technical competence, experience, impartiality and integrity. Alistair Craib – the Director – has 35 years experience of worldwide operations.

Always a small company, it uses high calibre external consultants to work with it. Now the company’s focus has moved away from high-volume work to projects of special interest.

Alistair briefing the Lord Mayor of Sheffield on 6 February 1985 during a long bomb disposal task